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Inventor Jo can’t be the hero the multiverse needs. A disastrous grad project melted both her job prospects and her credibility, and she doesn’t have the funds to keep traipsing across dimensions chasing leads.

All she wanted was to retrieve a physicist’s missing research. To buy a better future with the reward money. But her patchwork tracking device just had to stumble on something sinister—deadly radiation that could wreak havoc on the interworld transport system and leave billions injured or stranded.

Of course, no one believes her, and to make matters worse, all her attempts to gather proof add new threads to an already tangled search. Vague connections to electrical system failures, missing persons cases…possibly not-so-mythological creatures…

Solving this case could be her shot at redemption, or it could put her in the crosshairs of the culprit. Whether navigating monster-infested swamps or infiltrating hostile moon bases, Jo might be the next casualty if she fails to unravel… The String Conspiracy

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